There are a variety of Vehicles in Freedom Fighters, ranging from civilian to the most widely seen, Soviet. Only Soviet vehicles actually move in-game.


Soviet Transport HelicopterEdit

Used to ferry troops from one point to another. It resembles the Russian Ka-27 ASW.

Soviet GunshipEdit

These are use to strafe over enemy positions, and are seen at the start of the game demolishing an apartment block in a street full of fleeing civilians, only increasing the danger that, if the Soviet troops won't kill you first, the Gunship will. It resembles the Russian Mil Mi-24 Hind.

Soviet MBT (Main Battle Tank)Edit

An unnamed heavy armor unit, closely resembling the Black Eagle project tank. The MBT appears in a Soviet Army column driving unopposed through New York City during SAFN's first broadcast following the Soviet invasion of the United States. It otherwise plays little role in the game, as tanks are of little use in urban combat, but a few destroyed MBTs can be seen in some areas of the game. A single MBT battles Christopher Stone outside of the SAFN offices late in the game.

Soviet APC (Armoured Personnel Carrier)Edit

Seen at the start of the game in the news report, these are used to ferry troops across the battlefield protecting them from gunfire. It resembles the Russian BTR-80. It can also run you over and kill you if you're not careful (Even if you put the cheats on).


NYPD Police Edit

Formerly the instantly-recognizable standard patrol car of the New York Police Department, these cars were quickly left abandoned across New York as the remnants of the NYPD banded together with the Manhattan Resistance. It resembles the 9-C1 1991 Chevrolet Caprice.

Curiously, these cars are marked "NYPD Police" on both sides, which is redundant since NYPD stands for "New York Police Department".

Yellow CabEdit

Closely resembling the NYPD Police, the Yellow Cab is another formerly-common sight on the busy streets of New York City. With most, if not all taxis left derelict due to the Soviet occupation of the city, these cars are mostly used as cover during firefights.

Car is based on 1991 Chevrolet Caprice.

Pick-up TruckEdit

Seen around the city at various locations, it is a generic civilian vehicle, used by US citizens prior to the Soviet invasion, many now lay abandoned in the streets as their owners cannot reach them due to the fact that they risk being shot by Soviet snipers or Soviet Patrols.

NYES AmbulanceEdit

You first heal youself at an ambulance, and throught the game they are used to you advantage as they are full of Medkits.


Seen in start of game and appears in some missions, example at Brooklyn Police Station, Police officer hides behind it.

The Van is based on the late 1990s Chevrolet Astro.