The United States of America (USA), commonly known as the United States (U.S.) or America is one of the few independent powers left in the Freedom Fighters world.

Initially composed of thirteen British colonies during the regime of the former British Empire and in 1776, the United States gained independence from the British, but in 1861, civil war was declared between the southern confederacy and the Union, the true United States of America in the north, but eventually in 1865, the Union was victorious.

The States are composed of 50 federated sovereignties controlled by senators who meet at Congress in the nation's capital, Washington D.C, to democratically debate and vote for the nation's well being. The country's representative in military might, is the overall unified United States Military.

During the World War II, the United States Army helps the Allied Forces to win the war. But the Mahattan Project will never exist because all physicians and scientists in the Europea were captured by the Soviet Forces. They joined the Volga Project under the command of Colonel Lavinski and the phycisian Kourtchatov. The United States lost the competition against the USSR to create the atomic bomb.

By the 21st Century, the United States had probably closed it's borders, fearing a Soviet invasion, because of it's growing anti-communist movement, but nonetheless major cities like New York City were invaded and occupied, or 'liberated' as claims the invading Soviets, and as occupied areas were assimilated by the Red Army, puppet representatives were put in place control the occupied citizens, but a number of anti-soviet extremist groups began to emerge, most vocal of which are the Manhattan Resistance .

The United States never counter-attack the USSR by launch an attack against the Soviet Army with the US Army because they don't want to declare the war against the countries who are submit under the control of the USSR. According to the history, the President of the United States is the last President in the world. The others countries are lead by the Supreme President of the USSR.

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