Tatiana Kempinski was born in Krakow at July 4 1980 in Poland. She was actually the main anchor of the SAFN in New York City. She escaped when the Manhattan Resistance attack the studio and she exiles herself to live in Germany where she can continue to inform the population about the situation of the Soviet Armies to restore the New Order in the World.

His family leaves the USSR to the United States when she was at the age of 4 years old. she entered at the High American Chicago School at the age of 16 years old to be a photographer or an anchor of the television later. When she becomes an adult, she decides to work at the BBC Studios to inform local populations about weather or politics in the USA. When she learns the USSR want to invade the United States, she leaves the country where she grows up to USSR at Moscow.

When she shows the Minister of Propaganda she wanna help the Soviet to corrupt the Americans to join them, he gives to her a work in the SAFN Studios in Romania. When the war against the Americans is begun, the Minister of Propaganda gives to her the job to be the main anchor of the SAFN Studios in the United States. Her job is to inform the Americans the Soviet Army wanna liberate them from a corrupt regime and to establish the order and security in the United States.

She falls in love with the General Vasilij Tatarin but she doesn't actually have the time because he is killed by Christopher Stone.

After the rebels attack and succeed to capture the SAFN Studios, she escaped to the Governors Island report the situation to General Mikael Bulba. He gives to her an helicopter to transport her to Moscow where she can inform the Supreme Leader about the situation in New York City.

She's finally work at the SAFN Studios in Berlin to be the weather's anchor under the leadership of Rosaria Drevokov, the main anchor of the SAFN Studios in Berlin.

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