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Red Army poster

The Soviet Armed Forces is the military arm of the USSR.

The Soviet Armed Forces is lead by the Supreme Commander of the Soviet Army is the Minister of War. They control all the communist countries who joined the Soviet Union. The Soviet Army had 38 000 000 soldiers under the order of the General Secretary of the USSR.

Currently the largest military force in the world, has more troops than the United States all together, but most of the soldiers speak Russian, or are from some of the USSR's Republics. The soldiers are commonly seen in standard combat armour, holding an assault rifle (AK-103 in real world) and in squads of four.

It can be assumed, the Soviet Armed Forces "liberators", are actually tring to kill/imprison all the inhabitants of major cities. In SAFN broadcasts, the Soviets state that rebels were killed by nuclear radiation. Also, the "liberators" place pets homes, only to slaughter pets to use al food for the citizens. Broadcast also state that "new grains will be use that yield 5 times for wheat. Genetics defects are only rumors"indicate that the Soviets are trying to eliminate American citizens.


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