SAFN or Soviet Armed Forces Network was the Soviet News Network installed in New York City, after the initial Soviet invasion, to spread propaganda amongst the occupied citizens. The main news anchor of SAFN News was Tatiana Kempinski. For the most part, SAFN would make the Manhattan Resistance efforts as "isolated instances".

The SAFN is not only established in New York City. The Network is in place around the world. The Minister of Propaganda and the Supreme Leader want to consolide their power over their Soviet Empire by using the SAFN Studios to spread propaganda on the occupied citizens around the world. Their main objectives is to make people believe the Soviet want to liberate the world against terrorist.

The SAFN in New York city is guarded by Soviet soldiers, it would control the flow of information within the media, but one night, Troy Stone, brother of the Freedom Phantom (Christopher Stone), adressed the people of New York and the Manhattan Resistance, to give in to Soviet demands, but it also resulted in his death after he tried to putdown the Soviet demands. The Resistance later raided the building where propaganda was coming from and Chris Stone adressed the New York citizens; encouraging them to resist, to not fall, and to embrace the 'American Dream'. This allowed the liberation of New York and caused unrest among the rest of the USA.

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