Isabella Angellina was born in the United States prior to the invasion by the Soviet Union in 2003, Isabella was a political activist living in an apartment in New York City. She held strongly anti-Soviet views and was the face of the "Warning Against Reds!" or WAR campaign in the United States. While Chris Stone dismissed the warnings of WAR, even after a Soviet takeover of all of South America and Central America, Isabella and the Warning Against Reds movement were proven correct in their beliefs about the threat posed by the Soviet Union when that nation invaded the United States.

Isabella's well-publicized activism against the Soviet Union made her a wanted woman; she narrowly escaped capture on the day of the invasion of New York City. So important was she to the Soviets that General Tatarin led a team of Soviet troops to capture her personally, and when she managed to get away, a bounty of $10,000,000 was placed on her head. Isabella was briefly captured by the Soviets but was freed by Chris Stone. She contributed greatly to motivating the Resistance and getting it organized, introducing Chris to his new profession: freedom fighter. Isabella, like Mr Jones, was a planner and strategist- field missions and combat were the role of people like Chris Stone.

When Mr. Jones revealed himself as KGB officer Colonel Mikael Bulba and led Soviet forces to take over the main resistance base in the sewers, Isabella Angelina was captured a second time. When resistance forces assaulted Governer's Island and specifically the historic harbor fortress Fort Jay, where Isabella was being held, Chris Stone and a team of Resistance fighters were able to free her.

Chris Stone and Isabella Angelina share an active relationship.


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Isabella wanted poster

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Isabella at Governor's Island

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Isabella at rebel base