The General Secretary of the USSR is the Supreme Leader of the Soviet Union and the Red Army. He is like the principal invisible antagonist of the Freedom Fighters game. He is the person who sents General Tatarin and Colonel Bulba with their armies to invade New York City and the United States.

The High Red Council is the place where the Supreme Leader takes advices with the high members of his government like the Minister of War or the Minister of Propaganda. He lives in Moscow, the heart of the Soviet Union.

After the death of Joseph Stalin, the Supreme Leader who take is place lead the Soviet Unions to invade Europe and Asia. In 1995, he sents General Stockemski and Admiral Serinov to invade South America with an army of 45 000 000 soldiers. In 2002, he sents General Tatarin and Colonel Bulba to invade New York city and the United States.