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Christopher Stone, along with Isabella Angelina, leads the Manhattan Resistance in their fight against the oppressive Soviet invaders. He is a former plumber who becomes the symbol of the Manhattan Resistance. He founded the Resistance with Isabella and together they lead the Freedom Fighters to liberate New York City against the Soviet soldiers.

Chris and his brother Troy live a relatively simple and peaceful life. He grew up in New York City and did not pay attention to the Soviet threat until later on in their lives. After they both left college they made a living as plumbers. One day, on route to fixing a leaking plug and garbage disposal at Isabella Angelina's apartment in midtown, Troy brings up the 'Soviet threat', which Chris dismisses as 'conspiracy crap'. All that changes when they find Angelina's deserted apartment only to be greeted by Soviet Soldiers, led by General Vasilij Tatarin, who arrests Troy. Chris escapes, hiding in the bedroom. Chris then meets Mr. Jones, who has just killed a Soviet soldier and together they make their way to the streets. Chris later becomes the "Freedom Phantom", fighting the Soviets in order to find his brother and free the citizens of the United States.

8 months later, Troy appears on SAFN News, forced by General Tatarin to expose Chris' identity and compromise the Resistance. Failing in the process, it leads to his death. The Resistance later raid the SAFN headquarters, killing General Tatarin and his sucessors, leading to the liberation of the city.

New Yorkers, fellow Americans, I am Chris Stone, the so-called "Freedom Phantom". I stand before you today a free man and I vow to die a free man. Like you, my world was shattered eight long months ago. I watched as my family and friends was tortured, captured, and killed, I have nothing left of my former life... except the hope for a better future, a better future for our children - THE AMERICAN DREAM! I for one still believe in that dream! We've read this in our schoolbooks as children. NOW is the time for us to embrace those ideals, and stand up against the weight of tyranny! We have a duty to ourselves to throw off our oppressors. When I look around this city, I do not see smouldering ruins. No. Instead, I see a sleeping army, ready to awaken! The world is watching us now. How we respond will prove our claim! I stand before you and the world today, to reaffirm the pleadge our forefathers made to each other, and for each of us. To protect our lives, our fortunes and our self worth. so I ask you now, to take up arms against the evil invaders, and yell in their faces that they will NEVER take our freedom!
- Christipher Stone, SAFN, adressing New York City.
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