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Red Army

Battle Edit

Stage One: InvasionEdit

After the Resistance cleared New York of all Soviet soldiers, they then drew up plans for the invasion of Governor's Island, which came during the night in the ice-blocked Hudson River. The Red Army, however, was on the alarm, and as soon as the Resistance showed up, Attack Choppers were dispatched to destroy the fishing trawlers that had been converted to resistance use. Once the ships had smasyhed into the shores, the attack commenced with each side taking heavy casualties. The Resistance Invasion Force, however, retreated into the mantianence areas underneath the Island and planed their next move.

Stage Two: Surronding Fort JayEdit

The first area the Resistance attacked was the eastern part of the island, where C4 was located. After gaining control of C4, they then proceeded to the next phase of the plan which was to blow up the vents on the northern shore, so that more Resistance members could come through.

They then attacked the southern part in a bid to destroy Soviet Air Support, and Artillery, which kept the Resistance pinned down. Succesful in destroying those, they then proceeded to destroy the transport helicopter in the western part of the island, in order to keep Soviet troops from landing in when they finally invaded the last part of the Soviet Stronghold, Fort Jay, where Isabella was taken to.

Stage Three: Taking Fort JayEdit

Fort Jay was the last stronghold of the Red Army. They were willing to defend it with their lives. As long as one out of the four Soviet flags stand high and mighty, they would not surrender. Chris arrived with a full detachment of Freedom Fighters, fighting straight through the main base to the Fort Jay's Prison, freeing Isabella, who proceeded to fight next to Chris. The Fight was taken straight to the roof, where Chris proceeded to take down all the flags, one by one, until all 4 Soviet flags were replaced with the Stars and Stripes.

Aftermath Edit

The Soviets surrendered, as the Resistance celebrated it's victory over the Red Army. All of New York could now relax, however the threat of the Red Army's Reinforcements now hang in the air. As the Red Army would be back, as Chris stated himself "With bigger guns, and more soldiers".

Casualties Edit

  • Resistance - Moderate to heavy.
  • Red Army - Extremly Heavy