Resistance Remnants

Red Army



Even though the Resistance was "destroyed" the Red Army prepared defenses due to their knowledge that the "Freedom Phantom" was still loose in the streets. Chris, who targeted the Highschool, where special ops units were being trained by the Red Army, rallied the remaining Resistance Members and destroyed both the special ops units, and the Attack Chopper Support. Straight after, he attacked the SAFN building itself, where all the propaganda was coming from. The SAFN building was taken, where the "Freedom Phantom" revealed himself to the world, and gave a speech that caused the citizens of New York to revolt agaist the Red Army.


The Red Army was overwhelmed by the sheer numbers of the citizen body who joined the Resistance. The last Red Army Stronghold was located at Governor Island, who were waiting for reinforcements to subdue the revolt.


Resistance - Light to None

Red Army - Extremly Heavy

Citizens - Moderate to Light