Red Army


NYPD forces were already fighting the Red Army when Christopher Stone] showed up. Taking C4 from the pile the officers had taken from a downed Red Army Truck, he blew up the nearby gas station in order to kill the snipers preventing the officers from moving. Chris then proceeded into the station, killing several soldiers in the process, and rescued the leader of the Manhattan ResistanceIsabella Angelina. The Station was then taken and Soviet forces retreated to the post office. There Chris lead a group of Fighters in a bid to take the office. The office was also taken and Soviet forces were, yet again, forced out of the area.


A bounty by the Red Army was placed on Chris's head, as he was now a wanted crinimal by the Red Army. The NYPD eventually joined the Resistance due to similar goals.


NYPD - Light

Resistance - Light to None

Red Army - Heavy

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