Resistance - "Freedom Phantom"

Red Army


Before the Assassination happened, the brother of the "Freedom Phantom", Troy Stone, was executed for supporting the Resistance and for disobeying the Red Army.

The "Freedom Phantom" sneaked into Governer's Island with a rowboat and sneaked past several Soviet Patrols, killing Snipers and Patrols who crossed his path. Evetually he made it to one of the Guard Towers and shot General Tatarin in the head with a sniper rifle. He then escaped on the rowboat he came on, leaving the Red Army in the midst of it's confusion.


It was a great blow to the Red Army, who's beloved leader had died. Little did the "Freedom Phantom" would know, that the Red Army would walk back one step and come back two in that very same night.


Resistance - None

Red Army - Light, General Tatarin